NM salon eyes reality show slot

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – The drama inside an Albuquerque salon and salon academy could soon become a new reality TV hit after it won in the reality show category at a national Latino media summit.

You’ve probably seen at least one hit realty TV shows based on self-owned businesses, like Cake Boss or even Sweetie Pies. An Albuquerque couple says you may never have seen a reality show like the one they’ve been working on for more than a year.

The couple, two latino men, are the main characters along with one of their mothers.

“My mother works at the salon. So you know when you work with your mother after 17 years there’s a lot of family little drama going on,” said Estevan Apodaca.

Estevan Apodaca and Edwin Abeyta found out this weekend that their project, produced by Osiris Castañeda, had won in the reality show category National Association of Latino Independent Producers, NALIP, Media Summit.

That puts them one step away from being picked up by a cable channel. “We didn’t really think it was going to happen,” Abeyta said.

They said all of this wasn’t even their idea. Estevan said his customer, Castañeda, thought up the show. “He’s a short film producer, a reality TV producer. After I cut his hair a light bulb just went off he said this would be a great reality TV show,” Apodaca said.

“Reality is based on characters; it’s based on persona and people,” Castañeda said. “What they have is dynamic personalities.”

The couple owns three salons, a salon academy and routinely sends their cosmetology students to high-end hair shows. Mix in emotional students, salon talk and family drama and you have a recipe for a reality show.

Their recent win means they have three weeks to put together three episodes for review by the NALIP and hope a network will pick them up. Apodaca said work began Sunday morning, “He was there at 8 o’clock filming.”

“Don’t look at the camera it’s not there – which is one of the hardest things to do,” Abeyta said.

The salon pitches the show on June 5.

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