Birthday barbecue ignites house fire

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – A birthday barbecue fired up a small blaze Saturday afternoon and it was the birthday boy who jumped into action.

Gilbert Salazar who owns a home near 8th and Bridge says he had just thrown away some aluminum foil he had been grilling with when it caught a plastic trash can on fire.

He went inside and that’s when his neighbor came knocking on his door telling him his house was on fire.

Salazar says in the heat of the moment he grabbed his garden hose and began dousing the flames.

When AFD showed up, the fire had reached the roof.

Everything was under control shortly after that.

Salazar says a passerby saved the day.

Salazar says it was a birthday present he hadn’t asked for.

He’ll have to replace his trash can and part of his roof.

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