Video: Morning News, Tuesday, May 6, 2014

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Angry protestors took over Albuquerque’s City Council meeting last night, shouting and screaming, and even utilizing a bull horn. The crowd called for the ouster of the Mayor, members of the City Council and Police Chief Gorden Eden, going so far as to try to give Eden an arrest warrant. The council canceled the meeting because things were so out of control, no arrests were made.

Later today we could see the lapel camera video from APD’s latest shooting. Armand Martin was shot in the chest Sunday by a New Mexico State Police officer after a long standoff at Martine’z Ventana Ranch home. Police say Martin has a history of mental problems.

Grasshoppers are invading Albuquerque, particularly the Four Hills neighborhood. Experts say our mild winter allowed a lot of grasshopper eggs to survive, and they’re hatching early because of our early Spring. Cover your plants or put a net on them to protect them from the grasshoppers.

A story to touch your heart and bring a tear to your eye. Yesterday we told you about Robert Blake, the 81 year old Corrales man who died last weekend cross country skiing. Now we’ve learned his dog Buddy stayed by Blake’s side until searchers found him, a fact providing some comfort to Blake’s widow.

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