Video: Morning News, Monday, May 5, 2014

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – We’re hoping to learn more today about APD’s latest deadly shooting of 50-year-old Armand Martin. He was shot to death by a 12-year APD veteran following a six-hour SWAT standoff Saturday. Police say Martin walked outside his Ventana Ranch home and opened fire on police with two handguns.

Albuquerque City Council chambers are likely to be packed again for Monday’s meeting where councilors are considering changes to the way the city hires a police chief. Right now the mayor makes that decision, but some want voters to decide, others wan the City Council to approve the mayor’s pick.

A controlled burn got out of hand in Oklahoma, which is also is dealing with drought and fire danger. One man died after he refused to leave his home in the path of the resulting massive wildfire that spread Sunday to as many as four thousand acres, consuming several homes.

A big talker nationally this morning – a horrible accident during a circus in Rhode Island. Eight acrobats fell as far as 40 feet Sunday when a wire snapped during their performance. The acrobats and a dancer on the ground were all badly hurt in the accident.


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