Health alert expires, thick haze settles

ALBUQUERQUE (KREQ) – The city of Albuquerque issued an air quality alert Wednesday because of a thick haze that clouded the metro.

This was due to a storm in west Texas and eastern portions of New Mexico.

Metro residents woke Wednesday to a cloudy haze that made it difficult to see the Sandias.

City officials immediately started looking into whether it was caused by smoke or dust. Officials say after looking over satellite images, they discovered it wasn’t a fire.

Instead, they say a wind storm kicked up a lot of dust in the eastern part of New Mexico and West Texas.

The city issued an air quality health alert because of all the dust. Pregnant women, younger children and elderly people were advised to stay indoors during the morning and early afternoon.

“For a healthy person, the levels aren’t high enough to be a concern. For a person with asthma, they’re going to have to take precautions,” said Jeff Stonesifer.

The alert was in effect until about 1 p.m.

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