Study: Teen romances can be dangerous

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – At the height of prom season, there’s a big warning about teen romances: They can be dangerous, or even deadly, for girls because they can take them way too seriously.

A new study by UNM Sociology Professor Brian Soller, published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior, found the more a relationship doesn’t play out a girl imagines it, the more severe the consequences.

“Basically girls–as relationship inauthenticity increases–they’re more likely to experience severe depression, suicidal thoughts and are also at risk of suicide attempts,” Soller said.

Another finding, a teen romance that doesn’t play out as expected rarely has the same effect on boys.

Soller said the answer isn’t to discourage teen romances but said parents and teachers should help girls find their identities and value outside of their romantic relationships.

Early on, boys are also socialized to define themselves in sports or extracurricular activities, where again girls are more socialized to focus on their romantic relationships

Soller’s research on the subject has been featured in publications like Marie Claire and the New Republic.


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