UFC champion MMA fighter reunites with lost exotic cat

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – MMA fighter, Jon “Bones” Jones and his family have been reunited with their beloved rare cat.

And, it was a fan who did their own detective work to find Mufasa.

“I asked this gentleman if he had seen the cat that’s larger than a normal cat and he said I swear I didn’t know if my mind was playing tricks on me but I thought I saw a cat take off that way,” Kyle Dropinski said.

Dropinski then went on the hunt Thursday night to find Mufasa, an African Serval Savannah cat near Carlisle and Lomas close to where the cat went missing almost a week

Mufasa Found Bones Jones2


Dropinski found the cat hiding in some bushes and called his owner, Jon “Bones” Jones.

Bones says it was still a wild hunt that lasted for about two hours.

He gave Dropinski a $1,500 reward Friday saying he’s very thankful.

Jones says it’s been devastating not having Mufasa around

“But coming home and just seeing my fiancée’s face and my kids face kids asking me questions about the safety of the cat, like who’s going to feed the cat,” Jones said.

Jones says his cat was roughed up and had lost some weight but, will be okay.


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