Man faces child abuse charges after DWI crash

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – As if driving drunk with children in your car wasn’t a bad enough idea, police say one man did it twice in a matter of minutes.

But that wasn’t the only reason a judge told him he is not to get behind the wheel at all.

Police say the man was drunk when he got into a crash then drove off.

Albuquerque police would catch up with the suspect down the street where officers said he was trying to shuffle several children out of his car.

Concepion Nevarez faced a judge on four counts of child abuse Saturday.

According to a criminal complaint, Nevarez got into a crash Friday around Indian School and University.

Police said after talking with the other driver briefly, Nevarez drove off in his wrecked car which died out down the street.

The complaint said he was trying to load four kids into another car.

Police say he admitted to drinking six beers an hour earlier but refused a breath test.

A judge learned, Nevarez is pretty familiar with DWI laws Saturday when court investigators said he’s been arrested many times for DWI and convicted twice.

After the judge set Nevarez’s bond at $50,000 he told him he is restricted from driving at all.

According to background court investigators Nevarez’s latest DWI arrest was in 2007.

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