Four hour APD protest remains peaceful

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Another long protest against Albuquerque Police Department Friday evening, this one lasting almost four hours.

They marched up and down between downtown and UNM once again bringing out a police presence and once again slowing down traffic on Central.

The protesters, Friday, demanded action from city leaders and an end to APD violence but they also demanded the demonstration remain peaceful.

“I’m tired of people who are supposed to be protecting us basically abusing us,” says activist Tylina Hardy.

Demonstrators marched twice, from civic plaza around downtown then up Central to UNM and back to Civic Plaza.

They chanted things like “no more blood shed” and “this is a peaceful protest”.

Protesters urged those who spilled into the street to stay on the sidewalk.

At one point, an RV blocked one lane of traffic on Central, heading towards UNM.

Police also followed protesters one street down, blocking traffic, with more standing by in case things got out of hand.

Demonstrators we spoke to say a group of them came up with a list of demands at a forum earlier this week.

“I think the most important one is to release the lapel videos from the last 44 murders,” says protester K.C. Guest.

The size of the crowd kept changing throughout the four hours of the protest. It seemed to top out at about 100.

There was no vandalism or confrontations with the police like we saw last Sunday.

Witnesses say there was a fight between a protester and a few non-protesters, but no one was seriously injured.

City hall workers were sent home early, Friday, because protesters started to gather outside around four this afternoon.

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