DOJ responds to Mayor’s requests

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Mayor R.J. Berry asked the Department of Justice on Wednesday to unveil its findings so the city can start its overhaul of APD.

The DOJ said it has been giving APD feedback for a while.

Mayor Berry outlined his requests in a letter to the DOJ.

“The first request is that the DOJ do everything in their power to expedite the review of the Albuquerque Police Department and to transmit their findings to me at the earliest time possible,” he said.

In response, DOJ sent a statement saying, “The department is working expeditiously to complete the investigation and once it is complete, we will make the findings available to the city and the public.”

“The second request is that the U.S. Department of Justice enter into immediate negotiations with the goal of crafting and implementing a plan to monitor and track progress,” Mayor Berry said.

To that, DOJ said negotiations will take place but only after the findings are released.

In the meantime, the department said it’s already provided feedback and technical assistance to APD leadership during site visits throughout the year and a half long investigation.

Chief Gorden Eden said the DOJ has done three or four site visits at APD.

He said in a statement in part, “The DOJ has provided us with verbal feedback regarding their visits during exit discussions. Although this information is helpful, no formal findings, reports or recommendations have been provided.”

An APD spokesperson said Chief Eden met with the DOJ on Thursday.

We are told they reviewed training opportunities and discussed how to improve community relations.

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