Man faces charges for relationship with ABQ girl

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE)- A Florida man is now charged with child solicitation for his relationship with a 14-year-old Albuquerque girl, missing since Monday. The two are still the focus of a nationwide Amber Alert.

After finding out more about the suspect, Robert Butler, the girl’s mom is growing more concerned. According to the criminal complaint, Lacey DeWent’s mother found Butler in her daughter’s bedroom in February. She called police but that didn’t keep Butler away.

“Lacey is a very outgoing, loving, always rooting for the underdog kid,” she said.

Lacey’s mom, Jessica DeWent, describes her daughter as a typical 14-year-old, concerned about her looks, her friends and boys.

“She was worried about everything that a teenage girl shouldn’t be worried about and this guy came along on the Internet and told her all the right things,” Jessica said.

Jessica said she first found out about Lacey’s online correspondence with Butler about a year ago. She says she believes it’s Lacey’s naivete that made her vulnerable to the 26-year-old’s advances.

“She’s just very caring and very loving and sees the best in everybody and every situation so, I think that’s part of what got her into this situation,” Jessica said.

In February, Jessica learned just how serious the situation was when she found Butler in Lacey’s bedroom.

She said she called police and got a temporary restraining order against the Florida man.

Jessica said she took away Lacey’s computer, iPod, any piece of technology she thought her daughter might use to contact Butler. Somehow, Lacey still managed to stay in touch with the man.

Then, on Monday, surveillance video shows Lacey getting into a blue SUV matching Butler’s at the Hastings shopping center at Lomas and Juan Tabo. It’s only a short walk from her high school.

Since her daughter’s disappearance, Jessica says she’s been researching the man, known online as Robb, as much as she can.

“The more and more I know, the more and more I’m scared,” says DeWent.

Now, she’s pleading for her daughter’s safe return.

“I want my daughter home, I want her away from this man,” DeWent says.

KRQE found suggestive photos Butler posted on one social media site. He also listed his age as 19.

Lacey may have gone willingly with Butler but, if his intentions were to have sex with the girl, he would be looking at rape charges because she’s only 14.

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