Bernalillo County: There is no Poop Fairy

BERNALILLO COUNTY, N.M. (KRQE) – There is no Poop Fairy.

That is the message from Bernalillo County in a move to get residents to pick up after their pets.

The new campaign is called There is No Poop Fairy, Grab it, Bag it, Toss it.

The county says there are 100,000 dogs in the county that leave 450 tons of waste in parks, on walking trails, sidewalks and streets.

And it all ends up in the Rio Grande every year, washed into the river by the monsoons.

Officials say pet owners need to be responsible because there is no imaginary fairy that goes around picking it up for them.

Pictures of the non-poop fairy are expected to show up on billboards and in other areas around the county.

The campaign will continue throughout the month.

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