APD protesters share wrong man’s info

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE)- Protesters have been using social media to spread updates and information on “Operation Albuquerque,” and some have tweeted a link to a posting they say has Albuquerque Police leaders’ personal information including home phone numbers.

If you dial up the number listed for Chief Gorden Eden’s home, though, you get his office. Try to ring up Deputy Chief William Roseman, and you get William Rissman.

He’s retired, and has never been in law enforcement.

“Definitely not the deputy chief,” Rissman said Sunday morning. “I got these three phone calls last night, I didn’t know who they were.”

The top of the posting reads, “Killing an innocent man for camping was wrong. Now let’s see if you feel safe in your bed tonight. You should have expected us!”

Rissman had no idea his number was listed as Roseman’s until Sunday morning, and he was shocked to learn his home address was also listed.

Rissman says he’s concerned that someone, upset by the controversial fatal shooting of James Boyd in the Sandia foothills, might try to take their frustrations directly to Roseman and find him instead.

“It is scary because I don’t know what they’re advocating they do,” Rissman said. “It puts myself, my wife, my dog and my birds in danger.”

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