Police chopper helps find NM copper thief

VALENCIA COUNTY, N.M. (KRQE) – It’s only been in the air for a few weeks and it’s already working.

With the help of the new helicopter the Valencia County Sheriff’s Department has been able to stop a thief who could have knocked out cell service to thousands.

For the people of Valencia County, this cell tower is somewhat of a lifeline.

For thieves it’s like a Gold mine, actually a copper mine, a place to make some quick cash.

And last week police believe one man tried stripping the copper from inside.

But thanks to a new partnership with State Police, Valencia County now has a chopper.
From high above deputies were able to find the guy and make quick work of catching him.

The partnership also includes Bosque Farms and Belen Police communities with small police forces and a large area to cover.

State police has long helped cover that big area but it’s so big it’s sometimes a daunting task.

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