‘Train-like bus’ on display in ABQ

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – What could be the future of ABQ Ride was on display in downtown Albuquerque Monday.

The city is looking at different train-like vehicles available that could be used here in the future.

It’s part of the mayor’s plan to update Albuquerque’s transit system.

The bus looks a lot like a subway train.

It also has some new features like interior bike racks.

This bus is currently bound for Las Vegas but it first made a stop here.

“A little taste of the future, not quite, of course, it doesn’t have the required amount of doors and everything else but, its a taste of the future with a train like vehicle.” Rick Dereyes, ABQ Ride PIO said.

The new train-like buses are also powered by natural gas and would have easier wheelchair access.

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