Eagle lays eggs in captivity at Roswell zoo

ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – Two birds injured by gunshots are on the fast track to making history at a New Mexico zoo.

The two eagles have laid five eggs while in captivity.

It’s something the Roswell Spring River Zoo says has never happened there and rarely happens anywhere in the country.

“That has never happened. We’ve had them lay four eggs before. This is the first time we’ve had five eggs. That’s a lot,” said Animal Curator Marge Woods.

Woods says the two birds, Thunder and Bigelow, laid five eggs in early March.

She says it’s extremely rare for eagles to lay that many eggs especially in captivity.

“It’s very open and close to the public and the fact that they would do that with the public around is very very unusual,” said Woods.

Zookeepers say the female bird has laid eggs nine times in the last 20 years she’s been at the facility, but none of them have been fertile.

Officials suspect these are the only captive eagle eggs in the country right now and they’re hoping they’ll be the first ones to hatch in Roswell.

“The public thinks its great. I think its great,” said Woods. “It shows me that our keepers are doing a great job and these bird are comfortable and they’re healthy.”

Zookeepers will X-ray the eggs to see if they are fertile.

If they are, the parent birds will nurse them for awhile then they will most likely be put into the wild.

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