DWI fatalities drop in New Mexico

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – St. Patrick’s Day celebrations have been going on all weekend and so have efforts to catch drunk drivers.

These efforts are paying off as the number of DWI fatalities in New Mexico has decreased significantly over the last decade.

The number of alcohol-related crashes dropped from 214 a decade ago to 134 last year.

Deadly drunk driving crashes actually increased for several years until 2013 when the rate dropped by 20 deaths from the previous year. Among the reasons why is increased police presence.

“We have increased saturation controls, especially in problematic areas where we’re seeing an increase in traffic-related crashes with subjects under the influence of alcohol or drugs,” said Sgt. Emmanuel Gutierrez of New Mexico State Police.

There are more anti-DWI billboards, radio and TV ads and more ads on social media. NMDOT also just launched a new set of ENDWI ads designed to get the rate down even lower.

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