Gov. Martinez vetoes horse racing measure

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – The governor has vetoed one of the measures designed to crack down on cheating in the horse racing industry because she says it doesn’t do enough.

The bill passed unanimously by the house and senate called for a hearing officer, not the racing commission to investigate alleged offenses to horse doping rules.

The bill’s sponsor said commissioners might not have the time or inclination to investigate potential offenses.

New Mexico was recently called out as having the worst safety record for racetracks and the New York Times said New Mexico is a place where trainers often use steroids and pain-killers to mask their horses’ injuries and are rarely fined or suspended.

But the governor says this bill doesn’t accomplish what we need.

“It takes authorities away from commission and puts it into a hearing officer and a single hearing officer that is not accountable to anybody, I appoint racing commission,” Governor Martinez said.

Governor Martinez also said the commission has the expertise especially in a time where new drugs and combinations are constantly being introduced.

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