Udall asks Congress to look at climate change

SANTA FE (KRQE) – Sen. Tom Udall spent all night on the Senate floor asking Congress to take a serious look at climate change.

He says New Mexico and the southwest are at the bulls eye when it comes to the issue:

“What do I mean by that?” he asked. “When New Mexico is at one temperature and you compare that to the rest of the country – so let’s say in the rest of the country, you have a 1 percent rise, New Mexico is going to have 2 percent.”

Climate change has been on the back burner recently with few lawmakers wanting to touch it, especially during re-election.

Opponents led by the fossil fuel industry have successfully stopped any efforts.

In his speech, Udall focused on New Mexico’s drought.

And it must’ve been a long night. Udall was the 30th senator to speak during the all-night session.

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