Senior pet drop-off increasing

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – They’re man’s best friend but how good of a friend are you if you ditch your dog at the shelter just because he’s getting older? Albuquerque Animal Welfare says they’re seeing this a lot with dogs and cats.

Staff at Eastside Albuquerque Animal Welfare Shelter says they are seeing a trend of owners surrendering pets but not for financial reasons it is because the pets are getting up in the years.

Barbara Bruin, Director at Albuquerque Animal Welfare told KRQE News 13, “We actually had a 93-year-old with her ten year old dog, and she said, it’s too old, I want it euthanized.” That dog was quickly adopted out to another family, but not every senior dog or cat is so lucky.

Animal Welfare currently has about 100 animals that are considered senior; 35 are over the age of ten. Bruin says, “all too often people just think a pet hits a certain age and they don’t want to bother with it anymore. And sometimes vet care does get more expensive, but sometimes a pet does have many, many good years left.”

Fortunately the shelter is able to re-home most of these pets, but they do stay a long time in cages and kennels and Animal Welfare tries to encourage senior pet adoptions to cut down on people surrendering longtime family pets.

Animal Welfare runs several promotions for people who do adopt older animals including a discount for senior citizens who adopt senior pets.

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