Possible Facebook, NM drone deal creates buzz

MORIARTY, N.M. (KRQE) – Facebook reportedly has plans to spend $60 million to buy a Moriarty based company.

The social media giant wants New Mexico-made drones to provide internet to the entire world.

The deal has yet to be announced but there’s a lot of buzz online about the deal.

These drones could bring a big-name and more jobs to the state.

KRQE News 13 has learned a deal is in the works and an announcement could come soon.

But for now, that’s all that’s being said until it’s in writing.

Techcrunch.com reports that Facebook is interested in Titan’s High-Flying Drones.

The drones would be used to make Facebook’s idea of affordable internet access to the world a reality.

According to the website, Facebook is interested in the Solara 60 model, a solar-powered drone that can fly non-stop for years at a time.

Reports show Facebook wants to use it like a satellite to beam down wireless signals that connect people to the internet.

But there’s one big difference, an atmospheric satellite is a drone that can conduct operations of a orbital satellite like weather monitoring or earth image but is less expensive.

Because it costs less than a satellite the company could produce more and cover more ground.

Facebook reportedly wants to build 11,000 drones.

In 2013 the state awarded a grant to Titan Aerospace to help move the Solara line forward. In return the company promised it would bring more jobs to New Mexico.

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