Police say woman targets elderly in thefts

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Albuquerque police are warning people about a rash of thefts across the city.

The target? The elderly.

APD says in the last month, a woman has been knocking on people’s doors and giving them a sob story like her car broke down, and asking the homeowner to use their phone.

That’s when police say the woman walks in and takes off with the homeowner’s purse or wallet. It’s happened to at least eight people.

Police say in one incident, the suspect actually pushed an elderly man to get his wallet and APD is worried that violence could escalate.

“You need to be careful who you open your door to,” said officer Tasia Martinez of APD. “Be careful of who you trust. Unfortunately, some of us are going to have that good Samaritan in, and we’re going to want to help out, but you always have to make sure your safety is first.”

Police believe there are more victims out there. APD is following leads to find the thief.

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