Mother who caged child to serve prison time

ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – The Roswell mother whose daughter was found caged in their filthy home is going to prison.

Charity Calvert was sentenced Monday to three years behind bars for child abuse and failure to report child neglect.

When deputies went to check their home last summer, they found the 5-year-old girl trapped in a room with baby gates screwed into the wall. Her room was covered in bugs, trash and feces and there was a small opening in the door where food would be slipped in for her. The temperature in the house was also at more than 105 degrees.

Calvert said her and her husband, Edward Romero, kept their daughter caged because she was disabled and was a threat to herself.

The girl was placed with a foster family after she was found.

Romero is still awaiting trial.

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