UNM receives new supercomputer

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – The University of New Mexico is now home to another supercomputer.

It’s called, ‘Ulam’ after a renowned mathematician, a Manhattan Project scientist Stanislaw Ulam.

UNM acquired the computer from Los Alamos National Lab through the National Science Foundation.

The supercomputer was delivered in parts and is now being put together.

“Ulam” will play an important role for a number of projects, including one with the UNM Cancer Center.

It will be used for genome sequencing which will help determine which defect in a person’s genome causes a tumor to grow.

“Then you want to be able to process that genome on a super computer like this and the more cores you have the faster you can go through a larger number of patients. It’s really as simple as that,” Assistant Professor Susan Atlas said.

The supercomputer will also be used by other colleges and universities across New Mexico.

“Ulam” isn’t the only super computer at UNM, there are five others.

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