Suspect in stabbing faces court

ALBUQUERUQUE (KRQE) – An Albuquerque man accused of stabbing three people including a 10-year old girl and her mom faced a judge Saturday.

Deputies say the girl remains in critical condition, but could lose her life.

It’s still unclear why the suspect, Leroy Lindsey, stabbed the girl, her mom and another man, but deputies believe he was either drunk or high.

According to the criminal complaint, Lindsey, his sister and her boyfriend were staying over at their friend, Samantha Garcia’s home.

Around one in the morning, Lindsey’s sister told police that she found her brother on top of Garcia, punching her.

Lindsey’s sister broke up the fight, but according to the complaint, Lindsey ran to the kitchen grabbed a butcher knife, and stabbed his sister’s boyfriend in the chest.

Then he stabbed Garcia and her ten-year old daughter.

Deputies say the girl was stabbed in the neck, which broke her jaw and caused nerve damage.

The mom has a collapsed lung.

Lindsey’s sister then tried to drive her boyfriend to the hospital, but Lindsey hopped in the car.

Deputies were able to arrest Lindsey when he jumped out of the car in front of deputies at a gas station.

In court today, criminal background investigators say Lindsey has 29 warrants for failing to show up to court on various cases.

Lindsey is facing child abuse, kidnapping, and aggravated battery charges.

However, those charges could change depending on what happens to the girl.

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