Education Secretary Position

SANTA FE (KRQE) – A proposed constitutional amendment to eliminate the position currently held by Skandera could get a full senate vote as early as today.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the resolution Saturday on a party-line vote with democrats in full support of the measure to replace the position of education secretary with a state superintendent appointed by a state school board.

If passed by both the house and senate, the resolution would go to the voters for final approval.

Republicans accuse democrats of playing politics in an effort to oust current secretary-designate Hanna Skandera from office.

Resolution sponsor, Senator Michael Padilla says it will ensure an experienced educator will direct the state’s overall education agenda. He states, “This particular individual that’s in the role right now has never been a classroom teacher, and while she’s a great individual, very professional and I like her a lot, at the end of the day when she makes a decision she’s never been in a classroom, so she doesn’t really understand what it’s like.”

Senator Craig Brandt says, “It’s not going to accomplish what they want to accomplish. It’s a purely political purpose behind it. It’s a partisan push mainly to avoid having to have a vote on the senate floor as to whether to confirm Hanna Skandera.”

The constitutional amendment, if approved by voters, would take affect by the end of the year.

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