2 men help thousands in ABQ get food

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Instead of getting a gym membership, two men have spent that money for the past five years feeding more than 18,000 people in their downtown Albuquerque neighborhood.

“It feels good and really sad because we are here celebrating five years, but we would have a heck of a party if there wasn’t hunger in New Mexico,” said Brad Brown of Holds Food Bank. “This has grown over the five years from 40 families to 80 families,”

It all started when a person came to Brown and Mike Griego’s home, asking to sell his shoes to buy food for their family.

That’s when the two called Roadrunner Food Bank and set up a mobile food bank in the Martineztown neighborhood’s church parking lot at Lomas and Edith.

Greigo is a teacher at Our Lady of Annunciation Catholic School and brings his students to volunteer.

“I have learned that not everyone has the money to get food,” said volunteer Allison Berrier. “You have to help. You can’t just do nothing.”

Brown and Griego pay $180 a month for all the food. They hope others will do the same.

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