NewsCastic features unique ABQ homes

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Did you know New Mexico is home to some very uniquely-shaped homes and many of them are in the metro area?

According to News-Castic, “the spaceship house” is located on Monte Vista Boulevard in Albuquerque. It was designed and owned by architect Bart Prince who is behind many of the homes on the list including “the mead/penhall residence,” which is also in the Duke City.

He also designed a house at the base of the mountain with sloped roofs and large windows to capture the view.

Then there’s “the fu residence” in Rio Rancho located north of Northern Boulevard.

And there are homes designed by other architects, like the “earthship houses” of Taos. They are off-the-grid, and run off alternate energy sources, like solar power.

And we can’t leave out “the camouflage house.” It’s covered in a polyurethane spray to give it a stone-like look to help it match its environment.

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