Delivery businesses hit by vandals

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Two local businesses have been struck by thieves over and over again, and they’re fed up.

The general manager of Favorite Brands near Menaul and Carlisle says he knows of 11 incidents where the delivery vehicles have been broken into.

The crooks are cutting gas lines, stealing the batteries and causing a lot of damage.

In a surveillance video, a man is shown going from vehicle to vehicle, even rummaging through them and stealing what he can find inside.

Another guy even stops to light up a cigarette before he starts stealing.

The business is so fed up with the vandalism, the owners are considering moving to a different location.

Favorite Brands isn’t the only food delivery service being hit. So has Taste the Tradition.

The owner there says they’ve been hit with similar vandalism several times in the last month.



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