Is Spaceport travel just a dream?

WHITE SANDS MISSILE RANGE, N.M. (KRQE) – Is space tourism just a pipe dream?

A new book blasts Sir Richard Branson, citing why he may never send passengers into space.

Branson’s Virgin Galatic Enterprise has promised space flights from New Mexico’s spaceport.

But author Tom Bower writes in his new book called “Branson Behind the Mask” that the rocket motor of Virgin Galactic’s spaceship may never be powerful enough for space travel.

Bowers also points out that the company has yet to be granted an FAA license, proving the flights will be safe.

That’s according to the Guardian who wrote an article about the book and also pointed out Branson promised flights seven years ago and is way behind schedule.

But the Spaceport is confident it will happen this year.

“This calendar year I’m pretty confident. it may be later toward end of 2014, but I based my budget on that,” said Executive Director Christine Anderson of Spaceport America,

Anderson also says it just takes time to develop the technology and make sure it’s safe.

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