Man to sue police in fatal shooting

SANTA FE (KRQE) – A passenger involved in a chase and deadly police shooting says he’s going to sue the department and officers who fired.

He claims State Police used excessive force – and now he’s traumatized because of it.

Jeanette Anaya, 39, was killed and her passenger, Jeremy Munoz, was injured after the November incident.

Dash-cam shows State Police officer Oliver Wilson trying to pull over Anaya in Santa Fe in the early morning of Nov. 7.

She wouldn’t stop so the officer bumped the back of her car to try and make her.

She then backed into his cruiser and Wilson drew his gun, firing more than a dozen times. Anaya was hit twice and died.

In a claim filed with the risk management division, passenger Munoz claims the officer never attempted to shoot out Anaya’s tires, and instead aimed at the two of them.

Munoz was not shot, but says he was injured in the crash and was detained at gunpoint.

Munoz claims he feared for his life during the chase and shooting and says if the officer acted properly, Anaya would still be alive.

He’s planning on suing State Police for damages.

State Police officials say they don’t comment on pending litigation.

The officer was not indicted for the shooting which District Attorney Spence Pacheco said was surprising.

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