Lapel video, autopsy shed light on violent chase

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – It looks like a wanna-be cop-killer was actually killed by cops after an autopsy revealed Christopher Chase was shot eight times by officer gunfire. The autopsy results were revealed the same day APD released lapel video showing what what firefighters saw that day.

In October, police said Chase ambushed officers, stole a cop car, then led officers on a chase through the city, firing along the way.

Police said he shot at officers at at least four intersections injuring three officers and a Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputy.

Chase eventually slammed the stolen car into a North Valley gas station. Officers then shot at him. The windshield of the stolen cop car was riddled with bullet holes.

According to the report, four bullets came from in front of the car. One bullet struck him in the forehead. He was hit three times in the front part of his neck and another bullet struck the side of his neck.

Chase was shot once in the back. The last two bullets blasted through the driver-side door hitting him twice in the left arm.

Police said Chase had a several guns, including a semi-automatic weapon during his shooting rampage.

On Chase’s body was a tattoo that read “cop killer.”

Some questioned if this was a drug-fueled rampage. But the autopsy report stated Chase had no drugs in his system.


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