Pro Bowl runner returns home

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – It was one promise, to one person, that led Albuquerque native Katrina Torres on to the field at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii running from security and right into the limelight.

Torres said she would do all over again. But now she finds herself running to keep up with all the attention.

“I mean it did, it spread like wildfire,” Torres said.

Torres said it was after a touchdown in the fourth quarter that gave her the chance to jump onto the field.

The running force behind her mad-dash was a promise to her cousin Gary Esquibel. She said it’s been his dream to go to a pro bowl. In 2012 he was badly injured in a motorcycle crash in Albuquerque left him unable to walk or talk.

“I said you cant walk so I’m going to run for you,” Torres said.

Only six seconds of her run made it on television. Gary was watching and he knew what the stunt was all about. Now, a week later the world knows.

“I’ve had contact from a lot of magazines, radio stations, TV stations from around the world,” Torres said. “…gotten contacted from people from Canada, Australia, Japan.”

Torres said she’s gotten calls from CNN and ESPN about interviews. Their story has been featured on Fox Sports and it’s all over the internet.

Torres said she is also getting offers from magazines geared toward men.

“They said that was really cool and we respect what you do, we would love to have some pictures of you maybe – you in your bikini and your flag,” Torres said.

However, Torres said the most rewarding offers have come from charities – asking to use the story in their campaign.

“A lot of brain traumatic injury and foundations and people with NF, as well as Down Syndrome charities,” Torres said.

There have also been negative comments too.

“They say you know you got away with it because your a girl and you just got away with it because you were in a bikini,” Torres said. “But bottom line is I was ready to go to jail.”

A week later with all the attention, she said it was still all about Gary.

“I know the whole world has seen it but the most important thing was that he saw it,” Torres said.

Torres is a Cibola High School grad and is now a college student in Honolulu.

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