John’s Monday Afternoon Forecast

Another storm will bring snow chances for mainly the northern part of the state today. The Northern Mountains and Southern Colorado will see the biggest benefit from this storm. The higher terrain of Southern Colorado could see upwards of another foot of snow, while the Northern Mountains pick up 3″ – 6″. A cold front will drop into the northeast allowing for a few inches, especially near the Colorado state line from Raton to Clayton.

That cold front is going to also deliver a big cool down for the state. The east will cool down first as highs drop to the 20s in the northeast and the 30s in the southeast by Wednesday. That colder air will eventually make it past the central mountain chain. Albuquerque drops to the upper 30s by Thursday. Much of the west falls to the 40s.

Another storm will move in Friday into Saturday. This storm has to potential to deliver 5″ – 10″ of snow to the Northern Mountains and 6″ – 12″ over the San Juans of Colorado. Even Albuquerque will have a shot at seeing some showers.


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