Santa Fe jewelry store robber sought

SANTA FE (KRQE) – First a fire and now a brazen bandit, one Santa Fe jewelry store owner says she can’t catch a break.

Now she is on a mission to catch a robber who pulled of a big heist while the store was open.

The flames in 2010 reduced the Copper Butterfly in Cloudcroft to rubble. Out of the ashes came the Turquoise Butterfly in Santa Fe.

“Its horrible…I wanted to get past that and get over that,” Barbara Rice, Owner Turquoise Butterfly said.

Barbara Rice took another hit this week when a man walked into her store and took his pick of anything and everything he could fit into his pockets.

“Its horrible – you work so hard, everybody here works so hard. so its devastating to see someone walk in here and take your stuff, there’s no way that i can recoup that…” Rice said.

The man spent less than 10 minutes in her store, casually walked out and then rode away on his bicycle.

“And its a bad time of year for us, its January, its slow, we’re a new business 1.44 we’ve been open just over a year,” Rice said.

The loss has Rice discouraged, but she keeps little reminders around of her struggles from the past. A photo of her burning building now sits in her new store.

She says it was difficult for her to rebuild, but when she did she kept a pieces of her old store and turned them into art on the footsteps outside her door.

Mementos from her past are now serving a different purpose, to remind her where she came from.

Now she is hoping someone will recognize the robber so she can get her jewelry back and recoup from yet another blow.

Rice has warned other stores nearby.

Police say the have not yet identified the man in the video.

If you have seen him, call Santa Fe police.

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