Mom: 4th grader threatened with box cutter

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – A 10-year-old girl said she was threatened by another student with a box cutter. Albuquerque Public Schools confirmed a boy did tell another student he had a box cutter, and that he was sent home, but the parents of the child who claims she was threatened, said they’ve had problems with this student before.

The girl’s mom, who did not want to be identified, said school officials told her she could withdraw her daughter, but she doesn’t think that’s fair.

“My daughter told me that about three or four weeks ago, four students came up to her and told her that he said – that he was gonna kill her,” said the girl’s mom.

The mother learned this after an incident at Governor Bent Elementary School in northeast Albuquerque on Friday. She claims her fourth grade daughter has been picked on, and even threatened by the same student for months.

The mom claims even after the boy threatened her daughter with a box cutter on Friday, little was done about it.

“The little boy stated to my daughter, you better watch it, ‘I have a knife and I’m gonna cut you,'” she recalled. “She saw it closed, I was told that the box cutter was one that the principal had never seen, but it actually opens up like a knife, not like the one with the safety.”

The mom said she got a call from the school principal, and immediately picked up her 10-year-old daughter from school.

APS officials confirm the boy did tell another student he had a box cutter, and that he was sent home from school.

The girl’s mom said she heard the boy is suspended for three days, and claims that’s not enough. She wants the student kicked out of that school, but the girl’s mom claims school officials have given her another suggestion.

“They told us if your daughter is uncomfortable being at the school, you can choose another school and I just don’t feel like we should be the one being punished,” she said.

After all, the girl’s mom said her daughter has been punished enough. She said the bullying has included the boy licking items from her daughter’s desk, and rubbing them on her face.

The girl’s mom said the boy is in special education ,although APS officials would not confirm that, citing student privacy laws.

The girl’s mom believes school officials are not tending to his needs, and that it’s putting her daughter in harms way.

When her daughter told her the boy had threatened to kill her, the mom told News 13 her concerns heightened. “I got a even more scared like ok this is just a step further to maybe something’s going to happen, and I just think there should be zero tolerance for this in the school.”

The girl’s mom in this case said she’s worried things could escalate to violence, similar to a recent case News 13 reported about that involved Josh Caldwell, a former Rio Grande High student with disabilities. Caldwell was arrested for putting a female student in a violent chokehold during P.E. and according to police records, there were several red flags.

The girl’s mom in this case hopes school officials take action soon. She said a police report was filed by APS, adding, she plans on meeting with school officials on Monday.

The mom News 13 spoke with said school officials have told her daughter to be a role model for the boy, and lead by example. In this case, she said, it shouldn’t be her daughter’s responsibility.

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