State Education Improvement

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.-The Governor says it’s a victory for New Mexico when it comes to education. New numbers show the state is among the best in the nation for student success in advanced placement courses. Some are calling this a big step in the right direction with some of the state’s students finally at the top of list that’s not negative.

Governor Susana Martinez made the announcement today that New Mexico had the most Hispanic students succeeding in advanced placement courses in the entire nation. The state also came in second place in the U.S. for having the most low income students succeeding in Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

The data comes from a non-profit called the “college board”, which sets standards for A.P. courses nationwide. The governor says the results come with the state’s investment in expanding A.P. programs through additional money in the last budget. A $1 million grant helped launch state A.P. courses online, helped students pay for testing and more.

“We need to continue to put our money in the classroom where it matters, and making sure that we continue to do what we’re already doing because it’s proving that what we’re doing is correct, what we’re doing is the right thing for our kids”, said Martinez.

The governor has proposed spending $2 million in this year’s budget to keep the A.P. course expansion programs going, lawmakers are still debating that right now.

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