Watch for $9.84 charges, warns BBB NM

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Just a few weeks after the major Target security breach was announced, there’s something new for credit card holders to worry about.

The newest wave of credit card fraud could effect anyone with a credit card – and it’s likely to hit cardholders in New Mexico.

Mysterious charges for $9.84 are showing up on statements. The charges are linked to random websites.

The charges are small enough to go unnoticed if you’re not paying attention – and small enough that banks might not investigate.

“The credit card charge often time will often show a phone number, no company name, and consumers aren’t familiar with where or why this charge showed up on their statement,” said Connie Quillen, spokesperson for the Better Business Bureau New Mexico.

The Better Business Bureau of New Mexico says if you do get the charge, to call your bank or credit card company to have the charge removed and request a new card.

“If your credit card number is ever compromised, always get a new credit card number,” Quillen said. “Don’t assume that it’s not going to happen again.”

The BBB recommends checking your charges frequently online rather than waiting for the credit card statement to arrive.

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