Woman claims to see Jesus on toe

Woman claims to see Jesus on toe

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – A Silver City couple is calling it a “Chimayo miracle” after a bad injury.

The couple says some holy dirt from the northern New Mexico town has left a holy and healing mark.

Just last weekend, Paula Osuna says she fell down the stairs at her home causing painful bruises all over her foot.

Eventually she asked her fiancé to rub some of the holy Chimayo dirt he had saved from a pilgrimage there a couple years back.

After putting the holy dirt on her foot and then bandaging it, she says the next day the bruise formed in the shape of Jesus on her second toe.

Osuna says her family members first noticed the bruise.

“My family has always done the pilgrimages to Chimayo and this is the first time I ever used it and I’m seeing something kind of come out full circle I guess.” Osuna said.

“She really did a lot of muscle ligament damage and she’s back at work,” Sikey Benavidez said.

Osuna says the bruise has since changed shape, but she says she’s convinced of the holy sighting.

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