Testimony begins in Ronald Santiago trial


ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Testimony started Thursday morning in the trial of Ronald Santiago, the former Countrywide Mortgage loan processor accused of murdering an Albuquerque couple.

Bernadette and Greg Ohlemacher were shot and killed in their Westside home in 2005.

The state first called the Custodian of Records from Albuquerque’s 911 Center and began the morning by playing the 911 call that the Ohlemacher’s daughter Renee made.

In the recording, Renee tells the 911 operator she heard somebody walk up the stairs and then five or six shots rang out.

Renee then says she’s hiding in a closet and was half-asleep when she heard the shots.

The defense claims Renee would have had a motive and the opportunity to kill her parents, but Wednesday in opening statements the state said Renee was cleared by APD.

In 2006, detectives were led to Santiago.

An investigator looking into financial crimes learned that Santiago had worked on the Ohlemacher’s mortgage refinancing.

The state says Greg Ohlemacher was waiting on $48,000 and threatened to call police on the mortgage company if he didn’t get his money.

The trial is expected to last about a month.

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