Oklahoma couple’s dog found in Santa Fe


SANTA FE (KRQE) – An emotional reunion took place Monday for an Oklahoma dog owner whose dog disappeared she and her husband vacationed in Santa Fe two weeks ago.

Amanda Lawler thought Lucky was lost for good. She even hired a private investigator to track the dog down.

Then, over the weekend, the phone call she’d been waiting for came. Over the past few weeks, Lucky, a pit bull mix, has lived up to her name.

After putting up a lot of fliers and searching all over Santa Fe while they were visiting, Amanda and Travis

Lawler eventually had to return home without the dog they treated like a child. Since then, the wait and the worrying have been agonizing.

“Saturday night we were at dinner and I just started crying and I said, ‘Travis,’ – my husband – ‘I don’t know what else to do. We’ve done everything. We’ve put up fliers. We’ve put up posters,” Amanda said.

No one knows yet if the dog was stolen or if she jumped over the backyard of the couple’s vacation home. But they do know one thing, the Lawlers are lucky to have lucky back.

A trip to a family friend’s home in Santa Fe on Monday gave Amanda the reunion she thought she’d never have.

“How’s my baby? How’s my baby? What are you doing?” Amanda said to Lucky.

Private investigator Glenn Holmes said he worked on finding Lucky for the last couple weeks.

“We never gave up,” he said.

Holmes says he was contacted over the weekend by a man who found the dog and saw one of the fliers.

Amanda Lawler got in her car and headed back from Oklahoma as soon as she got the news.

“Even driving up here I told my sister, ‘I feel like I’m about to walk down the aisle and get married.’  I’m so excited. I’m so happy,” Lawler said.

Lucky has been part of the Lawler family since 2009. A microchip helped confirm the dog’s identity over the weekend.

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