Family says mountain lion attacked dog


Owners worry for others’ safety

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – An Albuquerque family said there is a predator wandering their neighborhood.

They want to warn the community about a mountain lion they say killed their dog.

They said it happened in their Albuquerque home near Paseo del Norte and Eubank when they let their dogs out for a few minutes Friday night.

“The two smaller ones started barking like crazy. This one didn’t go outside,” Julia Sahd said of her dogs.

She said a mountain lion attacked her dog, Buster, of 15 years.

“Buster was laying there with bite marks on his neck and on his stomach. He was already dead,” Sahd said. “It is not even real to me anymore. I just can’t seem to comprehend that he’s gone.”

She said there were large paw prints in her yard and then sightings over the weekend.

“My mom saw it the next night on her way home from church and my cousin saw it last night,” she said.

They worry because this is a popular place for kids to play outside and people to go running with their dogs.

“I just think that families and people need to be warned about this so we don’t have another fatal attack on a pet, or more importantly, a child,” Sahd said.

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