APS summer program to be more hands-on


ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Summer seems a long ways off right now, but over the next couple months students will find out whether they need to go to summer school.

The Albuquerque Public School district is changing what students do in those classes.

For the first time, students who need extra help over the summer will not only review concepts covered during the regular school year, but now they will also be learning new concepts and get hands-on experience.

That’s the new enrichment model for summer school students K-8, district-wide.

Up until now, many APS summer school programs have traditionally used a remediation model for classes, meaning they go over what they learned during the school year.

The experts say the change is necessary to help  more students become proficient in math and reading.

Building their skills through social studies, health, and science studies, with frequent field trips and hands-on activities like gardening.

“It makes those real-life connections for students.  That’s what students who are struggling need.  they need time to grow, and practice, and be able to be engaged in activities,” said Jami Jacobson of APS.

Students will be meeting with counselors over the next month to see if they could benefit from these summer school classes.

The district hasn’t said exactly where summer school sessions will be offered just yet.

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