Tracking the GPS trackers: Travel survey hits roadblock


ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – A $600,000 taxpayer-funded survey to track travel patterns has run into a major roadblock: People who volunteered to be tracked haven’t sent back their GPS devices.

Devices were sent out to 650 people who agreed to wear them for three days as part of the Mid Region Council of Governments survey.

In return, they’d get $20 and MRCOG would get crucial data to identify regional travel habits and plan transportation options for the future.

The first wave of GPS trackers was sent out in October, but just ove half of them have been returned so far.

“We’re urging them to really take a moment, get their data completed, send it back and don’t miss out on getting your incentive,” said Augusta Meyers, communications director for MRCOG.

The rate of return has been even worse for people who agreed to fill out on online travel log for a $10 incentive. Of the 3,700 who pledged to participate, less than a third have completed it so far.

People who didn’t receive the survey are still able to give their input to MRCOG

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